Easy Oil Botanical Research Kit


Contents of Kit:

Green Lid Bucket Contents:

  • Easy Oil Maker with 300ml Vaporising Vessel, 1 metre 3-core earthed cord, light fitting & plug.
  • Glass Vessel fitting with 220v 40-watt screw-in heat bulb with optional timer.
  • Closed 250ml glass mixing jar (goblet) with press seal lid.
  • Flat square weaved heat resistant silver / black vaporising lid (ideal for purging).
  • 500ml Extraction Solvent Blend (ESB) (white screw on cap bottle) – Alcohol 96% denatured with Ascorbate & D-Limolene.­­
  • Setting rod for setting rubbers and stirring.

Mixing Jar (goblet) Contents:

  • Pair of gloves.
  • 5ml Measuring spoon or measuring cap.
  • 40ml (8.5g) Measuring cup with screw on cap or 100ml (20g) Green Lid Tub (not found in the mixing jar).
  • 2 x Large white reusable extraction filtration bags (alcohol washed).
  • 20ml Carrier oil blend (COB) (20ml squeeze bottle) extra virgin coconut, grape seed, avocado, hemp seed, olive oil blend.

Easy Oil Kit Box Contents:

  • 14 x Uniclick 1ml 0.02ml per click Applicators with reusable cap & holders.
  • Uniclick 1ml (50 applications) Busting Berry flavoured sweetener with reusable cap & holders.
  • Uniclick 1ml (50 applications) Vanilla Hazelnut flavoured sweetener with reusable cap & holders.
  • Uniclick 1ml (50 applications) Natural sugar sweetener with reusable cap & holders.
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Easy Oil Video Instructions: https://youtu.be/-3yHG2Cw3ok

Average Input & Output Capacity

Extraction Volume Rate 35ml/hr Rec. Grams 0.3ml/g COB OIL OUTPUT
35ml < 1hr 5g 1.5ml 1.5 – 2ml
70ml < 2hr 10g 3ml 3.5 – 4ml
105ml < 3hr 15g 4.5ml 5 – 6ml
120ml < 3.4hr 17g 5ml 5.5 – 7ml
140ml < 4hr 20g 6ml 7.5 – 8ml
175ml < 5hr 25g 7.5ml 9 – 10ml
210ml < 6hr 30g 9ml 11 – 12ml
245ml < 7hr 35g 10.5ml 13 – 15.5ml


Ideal for making high quality and potency cannabis oil, dabs, vape and edibles in the comfort of your home.
17grams makes 5-6 ml quality oil with micro-dose applicators to dispense the high potency oil you make.
You can also flavour and sweeten your oil or make flavoured Canna-E-Juice with other components included.

17 Advantages for using the Easy Oil Maker to make and correctly dose your own botanical extracts:

  1. Non-toxic Solvents: We use 96-98% Ethanol alcohol denatured with Limonene Terpene and Vitamin C for the safest and best extractions.
  2. Decarboxylation & Prevent Burn Out: The Easy Oil Maker ensures you do not burn the active cannabinoids in your end product by using a specific design that provides a constant heat below 75ᴼC with decarboxylation taking place at the end of the process for 20-30minutes only. This prevents the destruction of the active cannabinoid profile. Rice cookers and other ethanol or other oil making equipment heat the product to above 100ᴼC constantly through the entire process, thereby destroying your cannabinoid and terpene profile.
  3. Carrier Oil Blend: Cannabinoids need saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and a strong oil-soluble antioxidant such as Vitamin E to carry and preserve the full cannabinoid profile to make Full Extract Cannabis Oil. (FECO) The Easy Oil Kit has this preferred oil blend ready mixed in the kit.
  4. Sweetening & Flavouring: Included in your kit you get 3 specifically designed healthy sweetened flavour additives in click Penjets to add your desired flavour and sweetness. These flavours will not affect your end product volume or reduce the potency of your end product.
  5. Micro-dose Click Applicators: The Easy Oil Maker comes with micro-dose Click Applicators with a backing card and holder that you can use to micro-dose cannabis oil to prevent the drowsy overdose so commonly seen when using regular syringes. You can also write your batch details on the back of the holder.
  6. Canna-Med Advice: We have various tutorials in our member’s section and host training seminars for those that need more information and would like to make their first batch under the guidance of an expert.
  7. Voucher Discounts: Vouchers for forensic testing of your end product. Further discounts on seeds, Canna-Med sessions, other kits, and canna workshops.
  8. Easy Oil WhatsApp Group Access: Where we have all like-minded people and other Easy Oil Maker customers looking for ideas and solutions.
  9. Easy Oil Vape & Dabs Kit: Using the Easy Oil Maker to make canna-vape e-Juice & dabs is just as easy as making the oil. We show you how and provide all optional add on consumables.
  10. Gummy Mix & Mould Tray: Make your own canna gummies with our easy premixes and loads of recipes for other cannabis edibles and much more.
  11. Cost-effective: Less than R10 per 1.1ml is the total cost to make high potency and quality cannabis oil. Excludes cost of homegrown cannabis requiring 17-20grams per batch which makes 6 x 1.1ml micro-dose applicators with 55 accurate click doses per 1.1ml.
  12. Consistency & Repeatability: After 2 years of intensive research and testing by a medical doctor treating medical patients with cancer, we have developed the Easy Oil Maker to offer consistent results by limiting factors that could change the cannabinoid profile in and after the processing of cannabis oil is complete.
  13. Fresh, High Potency Concentrates: Easy Oil ensures you have fresh, quality and high potency cannabis oil and other concentrates, that have not been broken down during high heat and pressure manufacture or while in storage as the larger producers have to do. Mass production of cannabis oil often results in the end product being inconsistent and weaker due to the breakdown of the active cannabinoid compounds after it is made and stored if stored for long periods before the sale and use of the finished product.
  14. Medical Advice: at the medical practice of Dr Sean Armstrong.
  15. Easy & Quick to Use
  16. Test Results Compare to Very Expensive Equipment in the Tens of Thousands
  17. Ideal for Small or Large Scale Production
Weight 0.555 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 80 cm


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Easy Oil Botanical Research Kit
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