The Baobab compliance services include advice in the following areas:

Legal models under existing & projected models

(cultivation, manufacturing, laboratories)

Applications for SAHPRA medical cannabis licenses
Applications for DALRRD hemp permits
Compliance within existing legislation & regulations

(UN Single Convention, Drugs Act, Medicine Act, Plant Improvement Act, SAHPRA Guidelines, DALRRD Guidelines, pest management, etc.

Product compliance

for pharmaceutical cannabis, medical cannabis, wellness products, complimentary medicines, cannabinoids, scheduling

Commercial & compliance models

within the various verticals such as private use, sale of cannabis, adult use models, club growth models, club cultivation models, edibles, export permits

Seed site registration, seed cultivation, importing, sourcing etc.
Sourcing relevant compliance and Quality Management Systems (QMS) software systems
Advising on GACP, GMP and EUGMP requirements
Registration with various stakeholder institutions / organisations

including SA Pharmacy Council, DALRRD PIA site registrations

Souring of staff

ranging from Growers to Pharmacists

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

sourcing from qualified testing laboratories

ESG, green, carbon neutral policies
BEE, transformation, enterprise development & other compliance models
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